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Practice presence through movement

Discover Your Center

Come Home to Yourself 

Find Your Center, Together

Elevated Slacklining offers a variety of movement and meditation practices for individuals, couples, and groups to help strengthen and enliven the  connection between mind, body, and soul.

Our mission is simple; to support you in coming home to the Center of  your Being; to feel a sense of oneness, confidence, and  alignment within your Self, and each other. 



We are born into this body and are meant to move; so let's become aware of the many layers of embodiment, and flow together, raw and real. Practice, Patience, Persistence and Presence.   

We had the most wonderful experience with Eleanor and her team from Elevated Slacklining. They taught skills and helped all the children in our summer camp practice slacklining. They made it fun and entertaining and kids of all ages enjoyed very much!

-Altie Wolvovsky

Director of Camp Gan Israel 

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