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Mission and Vision

Founded in the heart of  community! 


  • To teach and share practices  that foster  growth and awareness; exploration and education.

  • To cultivate and celebrate unique creative expression.    

  • To develop  a relationship with the whole self. 

  • To offer a wide range of disciplines and perspectives to assist in alignment and centering. 

  • To strengthen the body and align the spine.

  • To practice patience, persistence, and presence.

  •  To know thyself - Through the body, the mind, the heart.

As awareness increases, a still mind and steady breath provide space to know the many layers of you. Slacklining is a fun, challenging, and unique practice to strengthen and focus the mind. 

Eleanor, Teacher


To come together in community to nurture  the body and the breath, each of us offering something special; together, we strive to continuously re-discover what it means to live an embodied life!  

To be in and a part of a community of free  women and men,  joined together through a vision of experiencing a full, fun, and joyous life through the body - the temple built without hands; the Home for our Spirit here in earth..

The Petaluma Slackliner's Club meets on Sunday's from 1:11pm-3:00pmish,  at Wickersham Park, Petaluma,

The practice of slacklining is a helpful and informative  biofeedback tool to elevate self-awareness and encourage healing. 

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