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Elevated Slacklining

What we're all about! 


  • Dedicated to creating a mindfulness practice that embodies wholeness, community, play, and creativity, Elevated Slacklining offers a variety of slacklining, yoga, meditation and intuitive movement classes, workshops, and 1-on-1 sessions.

  • Our goal is to bring our love and passion of ‘being in the body’ out into the community as way to inspire authentic, fun, and healing relationships with our bodies and each other. We aim to provide a space where we can foster deeper relationships with our whole selves! 

  • Calling on disciplines such as Authentic Movement, dance, yoga, meditation, and Depth Psychology -  the practice of slacklining is useful and informative  biofeedback tool to increase somatic awareness.

  • With practice, patience, persistence, and presence, balance in the body increases, and the gradual stillness of thought provides a space to have a more intimate experience of one’s Self; becoming aware of the infinite layers of experience of Being...AND...

  • Slacklining is FUN! We invite you to take a chance, try something new or revisit the familiar, and walk the line. Namaste and stay slacky!



Elevated Slacklining and the Petaluma Slackliner's Club is dedicated to building a community that fosters mindful presence, self-love, and connection; we strive to continuously rediscover what it means to live an embodied life, together!  Our donation based Club meets every Sunday at Wickersham Park. In addition to slacklining, Elevated offers yoga, meditation and intuitive movement classes, summer camp programs, workshops, and 1-on-1 counseling sessions. Founded by Petaluma natives and fueled by the heart of our community! 

  • Eleanor McCall, Co-Founder

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