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5 Daily Practical Practices

Let's face it, let's talk the real talk- our lives are super busy these days, it seems. In a world obsessed with Doing as opposed to Being, who has time to slow down enough to listen to the advice and guidance from professionals, from successful stakeholders, from beckoning of the Soul? Sometimes it feels as though time is speeding up - like truly. Einstein and Newton would be super curious to study the current energies in our collective field of consciousness.

Anywho, although it does appear that time can play tricks on us (or perhaps it is merely our perception of reality that is doing the 'tricking'), we are existing in a reality that appears linear yet manifests from the non-linear.

So, what does one 'do?' How do we 'exist' and BE in a world that is asking us, as human Beings, to be constantly Doing and Producing? To recognize your worthiness by simply Being, without Doing, can feel like a daunting and impossible tasks...however you must start somewhere. You start exactly where you are at in this current moment, knowing that the 'work' is never done. Human Beings are perfectly imperfect, under constant and forever construction as this is the nature of Being a Spirit in a body.

Here are 5 daily practices, 5 rituals you can engage with to assist with your beautiful Beingness, to aid you with grounding; landing softly and lovingly into the present moment perfect nature of You, and will connect you to something greater than your Self. We are all connected; we are all One.

  1. Breathe - Invite 5 to 10 deep, mindful belly breaths. Observe your thoughts and allow them to pass on by and remain focused on your inhalation and exhalation. As long as we are in a body, our breath is our best, most reliable tool to help us come into the present moment. Breathe to Relieve.

  2. Slow down to speed up - Clear your mind (utilizing the breath) to consciously set your mood. Yes, you create your mood; you are the captain of your ship. When waters get rocky and unstable, slowing down enough to witness the flow will aid you in making grounded, authentic decisions, be more productive (with your energy output and input), and ultimately lead you to where you desire to land.

  3. Be Intentional - Ask yourself, "What is my intention for today? What do I want? What is the outcome that I want?" Consider the best case scenario for your day, root yourself in the desired feeling and leave the 'how' up to your highest self. This is where trusting in your 'gut feeling,' your intuition, will serve your path.

  4. Practice Compassion - 'Treat others how you want to be treated,' is the saying however it's also just as important to 'treat yourself how you would treat others.' The journey of the Soul, of the Self (which is God) begins within. It is only when we can become aware, honest, and integral of our own pain and suffering that we can have authentic compassion for one another. "Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness." The Dali Lama. To see ourselves in each other is the greatest gift of God.

  5. Practice Gratitude - Create time to notice and reflect upon the things, people, places, and experiences you are most thankful for. What ultimately brings you Joy and facilitates to your overall growth as a Soul? Contemplate these elements of your life daily! Doing so elevates positive emotions, aids with restful sleep, increases the function of your immune system, instills a sense of aliveness and wellbeing, resulting in a state of Being that resilient and is at Peace. When we practice gratitude, we begin to experience the 'good and the bad' as necessary aspects to becoming more resilient at riding the waves of Life (Did I mention you are the captain of your own ship?)

We have a choice, in every moment of every day - we can be at the mercy of the outside world, allowing it to dictate how we feel and how we experience Life. Or, we can be and become conscious creators and align our inner state of Being to a place that is ready to maneuver even the most unpredictable and seemingly unmanageable currents. You decide.

What kind of captain do you desire to Be and how will you steer your ship?

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