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Hello, Body - Talk to Me

“Master the unknown by knowing your deep self.” - unknown.

Creating conscious, mindful conversation with the body through open-ended inquiry on a daily basis can have tremendous benefits to our overall well-being. Benefits such as increased self-awareness and interoceptive skills, and having an intimate knowledge of the body allows us to act from a more grounded, embodied state of Being, so we can make decisions that are in alignment with our needs and desires. Until we are fully awakened, it will be the content of our unconscious Self that dictates our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Although we are speaking directly with the physical body, it is important to note that there is no real separation between the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies; they are connected and essentially one, however we piece them apart to better understand the unique ways in which they flow together to manifest Who We Are. When we experience a sensation in the physical body, there is a simultaneous exchange of energy in the ‘brain, mind/psyche, emotional, and spiritual’ bodies. Being Human holds many layers, and becoming aware of the interwoven complexities of these energies can oftentimes be overwhelming. Personally, when I find myself confronted by the enormity of Who I Am, I simplify my approach by landing in the body, in the present moment, and I do so by cultivating deep awareness of the breath.

So, to start, begin by noticing your breath, which in doing so will bring you into the present moment experience of You. As you become more familiar with this practice, you will start to experience the ever-changing essence of yourself, enabling you to make effective changes to your state of Being and to the relationship you have with yourself and thus the world around you. Once the rhythm of the breath is brought into awareness, allow your attention to scan the sensations of your physical body and start to sit with what is, without trying to change or modify, releasing any judgment of things being ‘good or bad.’ Whatever is revealing itself (i.e. tension, aches, pains, or even lack of sensation) holds a message for you. Approaching the journey of self-discovery with curiosity, compassion, grace, and unconditional love will support you in being more receptive to whatever arises. One of the key components of this practice is to Listen from a place rooted in Love as it is You that is creating the reality in which you reside.

The words that follow are to serve as a true example of what can arise during a conscious conversation with the Body. Please take what serves and leave the rest.


As I tap into the sensations of my body, I notice my attention shift to my abdomen, specifically to my large intestine and stomach. Without a moment to think, the association is made to my ability to digest and absorb; I observe how slow and sluggish I feel - how I sense stiffness and discomfort…

And it is in moments such as these where I return to my Self, my Body, and the dialogue begins…

And I ask, “Beautiful Body, why is this so? Why do I feel this way?”

I hear, “Because you have for a long time not followed your gut, your intuition. And it’s because of this that your Life Force energy has become stagnant in this area, resulting in your current state of discomfort.”

And I ask, “How do I fix this? How do I change the energy so I no longer feel the way I do?”

And I hear, “You don’t. You FEEL it. And, you already know what to do - you are just stalling in taking action.”

So I ask, “Why am I doing this?”

I hear, “Because you’ve convinced your mind that it will be harder to let go but this, what you’re currently experiencing, is much more difficult.”

And I ask, “Am I dying?”

I hear, “We are always dying and being reborn - but this gestation period you are in is almost over, and it’s been growing for your entire earthly existence. This is BIG.”

…Silence settles as I take in this news…

I ask, “So, what is my next step? What do I do right now in the 3D world?”

I hear, “Right now, breathe, Trust, and Surrender, and just for some time, be pure in your choices with food, drink, and company. [drink lots of water and tea only; no coffee.] Your ENTIRE Being needs to change in order for this birth to go successfully. You are about to give Life to a whole new You. This is where your relationship to Breath and Being is crucial to your survival. So, breathe and Be. Breathe into your belly; breathe into all the places you feel ‘stuck’ as you say, and Be with Yourself. Feel everything that arises and do not hold back the expression. This is your time to shine and you must do so brightly for it is your destiny to let the light pass through. Share your Voice, let Yourself Be seen as You Are in the Here and Now. THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT. See Yourself, Love Yourself, and make space every day to come Home into your Heart. You are dreaming this dream into reality - Stick with it. Keep going. Trust your Self fully and bring your magic into the world. We Need You.”

I hear this communication from my belly, the messenger of my inner knowing, my intuition, and for once in my life, I take heed to the advice given and I breathe. I observe my egoic reactions of the mind which relentlessly attempt to take over as they have in the past, cleverly inserting analytical reasons and logical excuses as to why I should be doing something different. This time is different though…meditation practices which have been cultivated over the years aid me greatly in soothing the restless mind. I whisper quietly to myself, “Rest easy, beautiful mind, it’s ok to let go and surrender.”

My body continues to communicate and I listen, with humility and grace trusting her deep wisdom.

“For now, the remedy to your pain is not to be sought on the outside, nor in the confines of your mind. The medicine is within, a chamber of your Self in which you have forgotten - it resides in the feeling. The cuts on your skin, the heat in your belly, the aching cry in your heart all long to be seen, to be felt, to be listened to, and for once without trying to be changed. Just Be. And how challenging this may seem right now, relative to your experience of the here and now but fear not, do not lose hope as this too is the flow of the Divine. In a current world organized by Doing you are being asked to Be. It is your Mind that follows up with “Be What?” but what you are unable to see at this time is that You already Are; You always have been. It’s silly at times - you will look upon this moment and remember it as so.

It is in the quiet spaces of your existence, when the mind is soothed and the heart settles, where you finally arrive. And when you do - you will have no words - only glowing light, vibrations and tingles taking you above and beyond anywhere you could have ever imagined and you will know, oh you will surely know, why You Are Here.”

So, I am going back to my Home - a region within, beyond the surface level of my skin.

Pausing long enough where stillness shows itself as a speck of dust, unfathomable in ordinary states, I can hear the Earth sigh and the moon take flight as the infinite nature of I AM expands into everything and nothing all at once.


These conversations are ongoing and constant. It is only when we allow ourselves to slow down enough to Listen that we are able to connect with and Hear the language of the Body, of our Higher Self, which is always communicating to us. As we traverse the innermost depths of the Self and feel into the edges of the Soul, we expand; this expansion is infinite. Go forth with Courage, Strength, and Trust.


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