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Body Talks

Our Bodies

beautifully designed

depictions of a mythic tale

telling stories

sweet moments of life lived

loving us for Becoming NOW

nudging us towards remembrance

reality awakens from within

with out, we mirror an expression

energy experienced excites

evolving in every moment

Mysterious unseen we unite

understanding, a deep inner knowing

knowledge alone

keeps us lonely

love, feelings and spirit are key

knowing and growing, living wisdom

whispers of light flowing

free to be seen

surface beyond

Be-you-to-full Body, thank you for helping us along

aware and awake

always sensing so we can sing our song

slow down, find stillness

silence allows for surrender

soft opening to the highest

Heart Source Love and peace

prayer, praise and dance to release

realign and harmonize to the vibration of Love

look longingly within, heaven is there, not above


thank you, Body for telling me, in your own language which I'm learning to listen to, what's up!

our Body keeps score!

every Body is different, so trust your gut, feel into what works for YOU!

Do your research 💛🙏✨

Iridology Chart

Human Design

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