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Dream Weaver

Hi there, my name is Eleanor and welcome to my dream blog. I have been logging my dreams since 2014 and have finally decided to start publishing my dreams. As a student and practitioner of Jungian Psychology, I hold a strong passion and interest in dreams and dreaming, for variety of reasons. More recently, and through my depth methodology studies at Sonoma State University, I have looked to my dreams for insight, introspection, and inspiration to guide me through my own individuation process. I interact with my dreams in an intentional way as both an analytical process and as a tool for personal growth. However, dreams and understanding ones dreams, can serve as a helpful and playful activity.

Some say dreams are just bits of your subconscious mixed with clips from your waking life as a way to process complex and compartmentalized emotions. Some believe dreaming can be a form of astral projection, the energy of our being leaving the body and traveling in higher consciousness. Some, like Jung, practice under the notion that dreams are pieces of the personal and collective unconscious wanting to be known. Perhaps its all of the above. What I believe and therefore practice, is that dreams are parts of our conscious and unconscious realm (personal AND collective) that are trying to come together and make something known to our conscious mind.

Tricky thing about dreams is the unconscious speaks to us in a language that uses imagery, sometimes obscure, felt sense, and archetypal symbols, all relevant to the dreamer. Dream images, felt sense, all of that, is relative to the dreamer, which is why dream analysis requires time, patience, and openness. There are usually many layers of meaning to a dream, and those can also be fluid, all depending on the current state of the dreamer.

Whatever you believe, know that we all dream in some form. And if you're interested in dreaming, can't remember your dreams and want to, or just want to enhance and engage with your dream realm, all is possible!

So welcome....this blog is designed to be a place to share dreams as well as offer analysis to the dreams. *Here, I will share my personal dreams as well as the dreams of others, from my personal life as well as my online dream forum, which meets biweekly.

You can get a head start and submit your dreams HERE!

If you're interested in a different avenue for personal growth and development, let your dreams be your guide. Your unconscious, higher self wants to be known and all the energies of the universe (both 'positive' and 'negative' - and everything in between) are working for you; always remember that, especially the energies that promote discomfort and change :)

I'm SUPER excited to explore with you and hope that you will consider sharing your dreams with me too!

All for now,


*Helpful hint for all your dreams - write your dreams down in the present tense. This assists with dream recollection and will help to put you in the moment of the dream.

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