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Honor Water

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Feel her sensual power swirl and twirl up the column of your spine - rooting you down, filling your ground with much needed rest

She waits in the quiet, cold damp abyss that seems dead, but she is the one who has you questioning what is real.

She is the giver of life and sees you during your moments of transformation.

She permeates every nook and cranny of your existence, adapting her form for You.

You see Her morph and Become a force to be reckoned with.

A calm river and subtle sea she transforms into the cool autumn breeze, vapors that tenderly kiss and fall upon Your seven rivers of God, the portals in which you experience the world in your Body.

Air often gets separated, all the elements do, but water and air are a spinning vortex, two sides of the same coin.

Watch as fire alchemizes the slough and extrapolates all the goodness that lay below, patiently waiting deep under the surface to emerge as something different each time.

Fire from Heart Spirit, Phoenix rising, lotus flower blooming, two polar ends of the vessel, the temple, the vehicle for Soul, connecting as one.

Water, water, water - I feel your force, your presence in every corner I turn, every moment within - wash away, give life - I play and dance in your putrid puddles - I smell the dank, dark, wet and sodden ocean of death and decay.

Why have I been holding on to you for so long?

How long I have been sinking in your stagnant pools - or so it seems...

With ferocity, relentless courage, faith, and trust, alas I see the richness in your thick and treacherous path; I feel the gold in your muddy depths; I feel you yearning to rise up and flow, but not too fast, slow and steady as Fire descends, all the Knowledge and Passion journeying through the Wheels of Life, just Being with what is, noticing the experience and remembering Who You Are - all that Love slowly soaking in the foundation of You.

With care You saturate your Self bit by bit as too fast can lead to shock resulting in your demise,

and although uncomfortable, feeling Your void steadily is advised; You know this. Feel everything and watch as Your alter Ego comes forth, the masks in which you built for Your self to learn and grow, and function in Your relative existence. At the center of Your Self is the Light of Your Essence - You and Your Oneness with All, like a flame that never burns out. This is You. Always come back to this place, and this is the fire of Heart Spirit that travels down, slowly, to the lower 3 energy centers to imbue itself, with full Awareness, all in alignment with the highest.

The Path forward is to See Your Self. See Your Self in Others - this is the evolution to a different remembered vibrational existence together. This is the evolution of You.


Honor the Water within as Water is the most life giving element on our Planet and with its crystalline structure making up more than half of our 'physical' Body, Water carries a complex memory system.

The 'muddy water within' is old Water, stuck holding ancient and past times filled with emotion. Going in means going deep and Feeling with Heart to release and rise up.

To truly recognize One Self in others, we must know our Selves, through and through. Without wavering from our devotion to Spirit/Soul/God/Love/Truth as the foundation of existence, the prima materia, the basic components of Who We Are, we have to be willing to dive in the depths of our own experience, observe our thoughts and feelings, and like Water, surrender to what is.

Flow flow flow and grow - up the and down and all around for everything is Divine.

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