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11/14/2020 “Inflammation”

I’m with a male figure. I can’t really identify who he is but I know it’s a man. He has really bad acne - his skin is bright red and there are pimples on his face and body. My entire body crawls with chills as I look at him because he seems so uncomfortable. I study his physical condition, all swollen and red, and I tell him that he has inflammation over his entire body, systemic inflammation. I explain to him about how the acne on his skin is a result of this inflammation.

This is where the dream ends.


Waking Life Reflection

When I got up from this dream I thought about my psyche telling the male figure I had to much heat. Sometimes I have to remind myself that the images and figures in my dream are part of myself and my experience, pieces of my own unconscious self wanting to be revealed to teach or illuminate something deep within.

At the time of this dream, I had been experiencing a lot of physical ailments, and had been for almost a year. These symptoms ranged from general fatigue, itchy skin, sores in my mouth, achy muscles, weight loss, and gastrointestinal issues. These symptoms, especially the itchy skin, dry mouth, and fatigue, had been interrupting the flow of my everyday life, so much so that I missed a lot of work and was generally unhappy. Many of my friends and family started to notice my malaise and knew, like I did, that there was something more going on with me. Up until this point, I had been seeing a few doctors and specialists, getting blood work done every three months, trying to not only navigate the odd symptoms, but try to solve what was going on within my body. In addition to the overt symptoms, blood work revealed that I had been experiencing ‘neutropenia’ and an overall low white blood cell (WBC) count as well as some vitamin deficiencies. The low WBC and neutropenia continued to show up for a year and coincided with my fatigue, weight loss, and unexplained dry mouth. I saw my regular doctor as well as a Rheumatologist, both of whom couldn’t definitively diagnose what was going on in my body. Eventually after seeing the Rheumatologist, it came to light that I was testing positive for an autoimmune disease. My blood markers were all pointing to this being a reality but not enough to clearly define which autoimmune disease. I had some direction but no answers; everything was still foggy.

As I was thinking about this dream, I was taking a shower and thought about researching Chinese herbal medicine for dry mouth, which was one of the many physical symptoms I was at the time experiencing. What I found was dry mouth can be too much ‘Yang’ energy - too much heat - AKA the masculine, which I thought was fascinating due in part to my dream - to be combated with ‘Yin’ energy; cold, moisture, also involving the spleen, kidneys, and liver.

I walked away from this dream with a deeper understanding and connection to my body, trusting that although the dr’s I was seeing couldn’t pinpoint what was going on, that my higher self and the wisdom of my body was trying to tell me something.

Later on, around November of 2020, I scheduled an appointment to see a specialist down in Southern California; a doctor that specializes in autoimmune disorders and treated them through food and lifestyle changes. I continued to think about the dream I had, that there was a part of me experiencing ‘systemic inflammation.’ At the time I had only had the symptoms I described, however shortly after, things progressed and got worse. The sores in my mouth and along the sides of my lips got worse. My gums bled profusely every time I brushed and flossed my teeth; it was terribly painful and even more miserable because I had no idea what was going on in my body. I was on the receiving end and felt completely out of control. I needed answers, and fast.

Right before I saw my specialist, and before I even had this dream, I had been going to sleep most nights meditating on my issues. Right before I would fall asleep, I would ask psyche and my higher Self to provide me with insight on what was going on with my body, trusting that somewhere deep down, I had the answers. That’s when I had the dream I described above; it was birthed out of many nights of asking my Self this question: “What is going on in my body? Why am I experiencing all of these symptoms?”

The dream I presented was a huge answer, although it didn’t give a clear answer, I did find out that I had indeed been experiencing systemic inflammation. After seeing my specialist, Dr. Steven Gundry, and running a litany of tests, I found out that I tested positive for Rheumatoid Arthritis, had a severe sensitivity to lectins, AND I have a genetic defect which doesn’t allow me to absorb certain vitamins unless they are in their activated forms → all of these deficiencies and lifestyle choices resulted in my symptoms.

Wow, just wow.

I immediately began incorporating the vitamins I was missing and started eliminating things like lectins, and I saw a HUGE change. My mouth sores went away completely, my gums stopped bleeding, and my energy has skyrocketed. I was in fact experiencing systemic inflammation, just like I had told my dream figure.

I have a follow up appointment with Dr. Gundry in May of 2021 to retest my autoimmune and inflammatory markers, and I am really excited to see what turns up. I never would have thought that my dreams could have provided me with so much insight about my body, but yet again, it’s easy to sometimes doubt the higher wisdom that is our deeper Self. Never again. :)

Stay tuned for more….and I will update when I get retested!


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