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Kill the King

Kill the King - 04/30/2016

I’m on an island. On the island there are buildings; a movie theater, stores, houses, and lots of people. Everything is pristine and organized. The entire scene creates a sense calm and peace and I notice how good I am feeling. The dream goes on like this for a little while longer but quickly shifts into something more dark and menacing.

I can feel the shift vibrate through my entire body. I hear about a deadly viral outbreak which leads to a zombie-like disease. The scene is no longer peaceful and pristine as it once was. I hear screaming, people are running around everywhere, blood spilling out of peoples bodies and eyes. The images of people running before me fade in and out however the overall feeling I get is one that is out of control. I look at my surroundings and things are no longer organized and seemingly put together. Destruction has ensued, the apocalypse is here.

I have somehow transitioned into being in the movie theater, trying to find places to hide. There is a girl with me that I’m supposed to protect. We’re at the bottom of the stairs in the theater. All of the seats are flipped over, garbage and popcorn everywhere; it’s total mayhem. I tell the girl to hide under the seats and I follow directly behind her, but as I look up the stairs, I see a little zombie girl. “She sees us, we can’t hide here,” I tell her. I feel panicked and don’t know what to do. As we ascend the stairs, I notice a zombie woman trapped under the seats reaching out her hands towards us. I can feel the anxiety building up inside of my chest as I dodge her reach and continue climbing up.

The girl I’m protecting fades from my consciousness and I am standing by myself. I turn to face the movie screen and standing before me is a man who looks just like my dad, and I actually start to recognize him as my dad. As soon as I make this correlation, his image changes. He’s now adorned in bright red robes and is wearing a crown. We push each other back and forth; I can feel his physical strength as well as my own. I feel the need to protect myself; I am scared and he can sense this.

The man stares into my eyes and I’m now holding a large knife. He says to me, “now it’s your turn to kill the king.” I lunge towards him as I pierce his belly with the knife.

I wake up.

Dream end.


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