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Knowledge of the World

I’m driving up to the Liberty house (my old childhood home). Dad is in the front yard standing behind a bunch of tables that are tall and all lined up right near the front window. I park across the street near my old neighbor Harvey’s house and meet dad in the front yard. It must be Fall because leaves are all over the ground. He is standing behind the tables and starts to walk back and forth; he is really excited to see me. His energy is so vivacious I can tell that he is about to burst at the seams.

He shows me these huge books, I mean giant books, with pages as thin as the bible. I’ve never seen a book this thick. I open the books and I can’t read the writing; it’s so small it looks like blobs on the paper - long, rectangular shapes, red and black in color. In his excitement his voice almost comes down to a whisper and he tells me “all of the knowledge of the world is within these books, on these pages.” I tell him that I am struggling to read the words; all I can see are red and black shapes. He tells me that I need a special set of reading glasses to be able to read these texts, that I could not read them with ‘normal eyes.’ He then hands me a set of special glasses, one’s I’ve never seen before. You put the device up to your eyes and the lenses extend all the way out, like a monoscope. I still cannot see the words but I trust him and I feel his excitement is genuine. He stands behind me now and his excitement increases because he feels my energy on the same wavelength. His old bandmate walks up to us and I watch them proceed inside the house.


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