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Live Your Prayer

The prayer is in the feeling

More than words

More than healing

The power of prayer

Lies within your immortal imagination

Feel into your heart

Manifest the image-into-action

This inner technology is beyond dogma or religion

It is not something to memorized and read with precision

Prayer comes from the Soul

The essence of our Being

Slow down, open up, listen

Curious like a child

For the prayer is in the feeling

Thank you

For the gift and opportunity

To connect to Source,

Reflected in every thing we see

To laugh, cry, sing and love

For moments of community

To recognize in the eyes of others

The higher Self, the Divine unfolding

In a timeless moment, a gentle call

To who we are Becoming

Live your prayer every day

Through actions, thoughts, and Being

And when things grow dark and gray

Remember, the prayer is in the feeling

So surrender to what is, let flow

Within your own heart

A place you always know



Let's meet in this place and space.

From the heart, for the heart

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