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Loving Me is Loving You

Loving Me is Loving You

I love you -

Simply put

It’s a feeling I believe not even the most cleverly put together string of words could possibly convey

Or hold the full weight and magnitude of this force

Your Spirit fills me up -

completes the expression of my essence

In ways only known within

It lives, dwells, grows and expands in the depths of my Soul

Because you are me

and I am you

But seeing you-me as separate…

Wow, to marvel at the beauty

This is difficult to accept

At times, I feel awe

- moments of stillness and silence so deafening I can hardly think for it is beyond thinking and feeling where We exist -

Others times, I feel lost

Denying what Is

Wounded by pain, judgment, torment - the illusion of duality nestled in the Mind masquerading as All

Alas, I finally See -

Beyond flesh and bone, my Eyes find Home in the Soul

I see You, which is seeing Me

And I feel complete

Love, everlasting

No need to explain away

Or analyze, pick apart and piece together

Even if I did, We did

It would not matter

The deep sacred knowingness

The Light recognized

The Dark revealed

Both equally met with Love

Compassion, unconditional embrace for unity

Because, Spirit of I Am

Is here

With “us”

But really We are One

What an absolute gift to know You

To feel me

To see the mirror

And trust in Love

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