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Slackline Inspired Poetry and Prose

Your body is a beautiful, magical, regenerative machine composed of the most intricate, intelligent, and adaptable forms of energy and matter.

This is truth.

This is reality.

Breathe it in and breathe it out.

We live in a vibrational existence

Our mind creates matter

Our Consciousness shapes the world

Everything is energy


We are a vibration to be reckoned with

Slacklining has taught me so much about BEing in the unfolding moment and learning to go with the flow, even if the flow is not what was expected or even seemingly undesirable.

Living from heart and truth can be difficult (uncomfortable) at times, but the challenges are there as a catalyst for growth.

When we practice

presence and listen closely to our soul song, gut feeling, intuition, embodied wisdom, inner knowing, etc., we are able to better understand who we are and know what is best our own bodies (emotional, physical, spiritual, mental), thus leading to a more balanced and aware life.


Your body has an ancient wisdom that is connected to the elements and thus to natural world around us, each other and all the energies inbetween.

You have the ability to heal yourself.

Your thoughts create your reality.

Everything is energy and we live in a vibrational existence.

Our breath

The first sign of life

And the last

Every breath in

Inviting Spirit to flow through

Every breath out

A transmutation

Of that which brings us here

And now

Arriving anew, every time

Our breath

Breathe deep

Deep breath

Be here now

Our stories lie within our bodies (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual). It's imperative that we learn how to read our own stories. Back to Self=back to Source.

You have access to all the knowledge you need. Your body is a physical manifestation of Spirit and houses ancient wisdom and healing abilities. Let your breath anchor you to the present moment and allow you to continuously arrive here. With love, grace, and compassion, be spacious with your process; the programmed mind takes time to quiet down. With practice, patience, persistence and presence, your Soul will reveal itself in the stillness, in the unfolding, in your beautiful imagination. Come home to yourself.

When I truly connect with my body, I hear my inner voice, that essence that knows the right way to move, to be; my gut. Connecting to the body helps me be more honest and true. I know I still work out with the intention and hope of losing weight, of loving my legs more, by making them look different because, I tell myself, 'once they're thinner and more toned or a certain way, I will love them...I will love me.' I will accept this part of my body.

I've walked through the world with this wounding for many years. It's shaped how I carry myself through relationships, experiences, traumas, and healings. How can I connect with my body in such a way that true, whole healing happens? I remind myself that I cannot objectify and single out my thighs; this about my whole body- more than my body; my Self, my Soul. Be whole, be still, be here.

Eyes filled with tears I clench my body. When all feels lost, I turn to You.

It takes courage to step into the unknown

It takes vulnerability to try something new, something unfamiliar, something we might not "be good at"

It takes unconditional love, compassion, and understanding of Self and one another to move through the challenges

In general, it is important to approach life (and slacklining) with the following:


Take a walk

Take a chance

Be brave, open, curious, and free

You beautiful soul, if only you could see your divine light, pure and perfect, just as you are.

It is because you are in a body that you are able to experience the dualities of your existence. There is so much to be learned here; juxtaposition is a must. Beyond the flesh and bones, at the center of your essence, like a candle that never burns out, is who you are. All encompassing, all-knowing, interconnected being; A spiraling light that is reflected within everyone and everything around you for there is no separation.

You are living in a vibrational experience and you are waking up to your Self. As you do, others will too.

Now is the time to do the work

Leaving behind Old reflections Dissolving and unlearning Negative self talk Learning to be in love With Self=Source Unifying with darkness Letting in the light Being and becoming Stillness. Silence. Surrender. I see you I feel you I know you I KNOW you I am you Beyond the flesh Beyond the bones Beyond the breath Beyond the body Into the sacred Into the Divine Ever unfolding

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