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The Children Can't Know

“The Children Can’t Know”

The opening scene of the dream takes place in a large room, almost like a cave. The only light that is in the room is coming from the reflection of a fire off in the distance. I can see the flames dance across the walls as if there is life within the rock face. In the room are people just like myself lying on the ground underneath blankets, spread along the floor. We each have our own blankets and spots that are ours, and we are instructed to stay underneath, to not get up or move places for any reason, no matter what.

I know that we are in a sort of incubation period that we are undergoing. I recognize the man that is lying across from me. Our heads meet together as we lay down. We reach out and hold one another's' hand in a loving and warm embrace knowing that we will keep each other safe and everything will be ok.

Off in the distance I can see a huge black outline of a monster/demonic type creature. He seems unsettled. I don’t fear for my life but his presence makes everyone feel uneasy.

We are still staying put as per the instructions we were given. I lie completely still and fall into a deep sleep. I think that is what is supposed to happen during this incubation period.

The next scene launches me into a situation with two other women. The three of us are banded together and I know that we are supposed to stick together, no matter what. We are running up a street that looks familiar to me, like a street I’ve seen on the west side of Petaluma.

The two women make it to the top of a road. As I try to ascend to the top, the road starts to move upwards, making it more difficult for me to climb to the top. I almost make it but the street goes completely vertical and I slide down back to the bottom.

The two girls are waiting for me at the top and its my job to figure out how to get back to them. On the right side of the road is a dirt covered median. I run up on the median and use the dirt to get grip and traction under my feet. I’m almost to the top and the women grab my hands and pull me the rest of the way up. We start to move forward on the street when we are suddenly launched down a long corridor.

The hallway is colorful, radiating colors of the galaxy and stars mixed with a glowing sunset. I reach out and touch the wall; it’s like running my hands through water. I’m captivated by the colors and the way my movement and touch causes the walls to vibrate in response.

That’s when it occurs to us that we are on a specific mission. It’s our job to locate the portals.

This time in the portal is quick and we end up in a new area.

In front of me I see a ramp, almost like a halfpipe at a skatepark. I go down the ramp while my cohorts travel on my left. We are entering in through the wall of someone’s house. I jump off the ramp and we are all together sliding on a slick, hardwood floor in this guys house. It looks like we are in his living room.

The girls, my partners, continue to move forward almost through the wall while I slide around and make a left hand turn into the living room.

The mand is there, seated in front of the tv, playing video games. We recognize one another immediately. The look on his face tells me he is shocked and surprised to see me standing there before him. He looks at me only long enough for us to have this moment, palpable, but then he also doesn;t look away from the screen. He asks me how and when I got in to his house.

I’m so excited I can barely contain myself, my whole body is still vibrating from coming through the portal and feeling the immediate connection between us; I say to him, ‘we’ve located some of the portals.

As I am saying this, a young girl, his daughter, about the age of 4 or 5, walks up to us. She stares at her father, confused and sleepy, and asks about the portal. ‘Daddy, what’s a portal?’

He quickly covers her ears with his hands as to intentionally block her hearing.

He looks at me with so much intensity on his face and says, ‘the children can’t know about the portals, you must go now.’

Then I wake up.

Dream end.

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