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The Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven are Within

What keeps arising for me recently is: The keys to the kingdom of heaven are within, meaning in the heart space. Going to back to a state of love, which is the only real emotion - FEAR is a program, although necessary for our growth back to love, it's about bringing love to what we fear, not necessarily clearing it/avoiding it/pushing it away; this only creates more resistance and fear.

If we can align our emotion of love with our thoughts (i.e. governing our actions from a place of love-truth rather than fear-distortion, which is what most of humanity has been operating from) then we unlock feeling states, which are the KEY in creating our desired universe. WE ARE the creators, GOD (Universal Source Consciousness, Love) is within. Ascension and Enlightenment occurs when we go within - that's how we expand.

Emotions are the fuel, Thoughts are energy, Feeling is what creates the world we live in.

Think about the things you want in life right now: Money? A better job? A relationship?

And why? - Money, job relationship because "not enough" "not happy" "don't want to be alone"...if we are asking/wanting something from a place of resistance and scarcity, it's from a place of FEAR not LOVE. And the quantum realm will respond to the unconscious drive which, if wanting more money let's say is from a place of "not wanting to be broke" or "too many bills" than the universe will actually provide more bills and more lack.

If we operate from a place of Love-Truth, Universal Source Consciousness knows exactly what to provide AND how - and it's very easy to let the mind take control and worry about the how.

First we must acknowledge its presence in our lives - fear has been a huge program and driver for a lot of the world that's been created around us. I know for me, jobs I've taken, relationships I've been in, etc when really reflecting on the reasons why, its from fear. We must empty our monkey minds and come into a place of stillness and silence - the BREATH is one if the magical keys in our earthy bodies. And from here we wait and listen and slowly but surely with Discipline, Dedication and Devotion to your spiritual journey inward, the light with shine where it needs to.

We must remember that we are WHOLE and COMPLETE and work our way backwards through the programming.

LIGHT CODES to be repeated to yourself silently in meditation, which over time, will help to awaken you to your true nature, which is God, from Light and Love:

"I am Enlightened Consciousness"

I am ready to align with my soul purpose and to access the resources that will allow me to evolve with ease and grace.

"I am Integrity"

I feel abundant when I am aligned with the frequency of Love-Truth and when I trust that I can realize my highest vision. As I respect myself my reality becomes impeccable.

"I am the Source of all experience."

I accept my reality. I appreciate all of its reflections of abundance and I use them to expand and evolve.

For the Heart, from the Heart,


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