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The One in Me - Slam Poem

Seeing me

tact and wit

..bit by bit..

releasing all, ego taking hits

mystery, what’s in store

who AM I really Being for

used to be for ‘the other’



negative self-talk shaming

judging others was really judging myself

projecting feelings, spiritual dealings on a shelf

locked tightly, lightly tucked away

but light shining too brightly to keep Spirit at bay

my Self has finally resurfaced, risen from the grave

resurrected, reconstructed, perfectly whole as the story unfolds

Seeing me glow

for eyes that can stand it

care no longer about yours

it’s my Eye that demands it

attention going within

strip down, descend below ground

found a treasure buried beneath

cloaked, shadowed, and dark

wrapped up in gold sheaths

It’s where I found my heart

never truly lost only tossed aside

the inner child awaits, chance to finally be safe

to express the creative masterpiece within

a story untold in a book from far away places

faceless people, things, and spaces

memories now seem illogical

tell that to the child in me

begging to be seen, wants to Be believed

and just Be

and Being with my Self

sitting rituals becoming daily habituals

finally Feeling Fear in-bodied

for Feeling Feelings manifests healing

and Fear is really Love, truth be told

waiting to be seen, felt and transmuted

work in progression

every moment an organic expression

here to show up so I can continue to grow up

not just up but in and down and all around in every direction

for the afflictions within are also war of the skin

as above is so below

we are connected, I know You know

and with that knowing, I see my Self

in every human Being

the flesh of every sentient conscious feeling

people, things, places and spaces

my mind races when I try to make sense

of the levels of interconnection between Me and the next

but that’s why it's so important

to take the road less traveled,

regardless of how messy and tattered

let go of mind, thoughts, and mental chatter

it’s all be-you-to-full, in service of higher good

Knowledge lived experienced transformed wisdom often mysterious

this is my story

carved out by experience and time

made glorious with unique rhyme

free words spoken

speech liberating Soul knowing not what’s next

Be Brave, True, and Bold

Loving, Compassionate, Curious, Playful and Free

Steadfast and Devoted to the One in Me

Reflecting real, Spirit grounding my truth

the undivided in me brings Me closer to You

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