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Start Where You Are

When I think about where I’m at

I stop and say

‘Why am I thinking so much these days?’

What happened to all the feeling?

My feelings, little lost friends

I've left along the way

I’ve forgotten about you

So true, I know you know me deep down, too

I know way down to my core, to the depths of my Being

The Way paved to my Self, my Soul is through you

Feelings so strong, so much so, I fear I don’t belong

Am I the only one feeling this down and low?

Time racing and pacing and yet passing so slow

I retreat to my mind, nose buried in books, looks beyond, eyes in a trance as they dance along the page

Analyzing stories, studies, series of truths, some summarized, expressed in poetry and prose, mythic tales and how energy flows

Research publications populating my daily living

Curiosity casts its reach far - from the heart - this is a brand new start

Learning to Look, Listen and Be in a Whole different way

Opening my Eyes, ears, and senses - feeling my multidimensional existence

and although at times I feel restless - as old shit buried deep emerges and I go through stages and phases of purges and purges and I feel such strong urges to give up and bow out - crazy moments where I scream and shout and say ‘what the fuck is all this for?’ and I get angry and say ‘I can’t possibly take this anymore…’

And then I breathe….

Ahhh, I breathe

And that’s what’s new this time, allowing space to feel real, compassionate embrace, Love and Grace for whatever feelings take space

Learning to let go and surrender - old parts of my heart become tender and the feeling leads to old scars peeling making way and paving paths for healing

That’s what all this is for, right? The lessons learned, the now moments unfolding, before it was different - so much Fear clouded my vision

Clogged my ears and worse even held back my tears

But something changed along the way - division no longer the story

As I begin to See, Hear and Feel from the inside out - I see my Self in others, no longer strangers but sisters and brothers

Quantumly entangled energetic existence - Bodies unified, electric vibrations

A Divine Love story at its core - the Journey to Self, remembering once more

I am in You and You are in Me and together, We Are

You Are

I Am


Home dwells in the Heart - Back to Source

divided Spirit Become One

*Reminder to Self - This one is not meant to be thought through - put the mind and ease, go within and Feel what is real. Feelings are Key.

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