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Eleanor McCall
MA in Depth Psychology, RYT 200
Slackline, Meditation, and Intuitive Coach 

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A little about me...

I was first introduced to slacklining in 2015 by my brother, who at the time regardless of my expressions of doubt, had the utmost confidence in my ability to walk on this thin little line. After my first couple of attempts, which looked like many falls, I was hooked, and shortly thereafter received my first slackline. I then spent the next year studying and writing about my experience.

Slacklining, yoga, and meditation have been instrumental in elevating my physiological and mental capacities, and have provided me with not only spiritual and psychological insight, but also a renewed and profound connection with my physical form, which for so long had been absent.

Slacklining has helped to increase my self-awareness, confidence, and continues to positively shape how I navigate through our world. Slacklining has played the role of a biofeedback tool and sacred teacher; the mirror that consistently reflects back areas of growth, and opportunity to tune my physical instrument. Slacklining has opened up a portal to my soul, which aids in my building self-love and living an embodied life. I truly believes in this practice as a healing modality and am excited to share it with you! My goal is to help you cultivate a loving and compassionate relationship with your mind, body, and soul through healthy mindful movement and elevating consciousness.


I love working with individuals 1-on-1, or with couples. Together, we create and customize a plan to meet your personal wellness goals, all while utilizing the slackline as a holistic tool to recalibrate the body and enter into the present moment (this is where the magic happens!).  The result of this work is a deep and authentic connection to your Center, which looks and feels differently for each individual which is what makes this work so special and sacred. Together, we cultivate space for you to connect with your innate intuition, your guiding light within - your Home base. Self-Knowing leads to the liberation of your sovereignty. 

In addition to slacklining, I enjoy hanging out with my fur baby dog Billy, hiking, reading, writing, and studying a variety of subjects, of which I share as part of the educational component of my work with the world.

Thank you for making the time to learn more about me. I look forward to our journey together. 

El :)

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