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Eleanor McCall

MA, Depth Psychology 
Intuitive Coach

For Eleanor, slacklining has increased her overall awareness, providing her with spiritual, emotional, and psychological insight as well as a renewed and profound connection with her physical form. Being a life-long athlete experiencing and living with several eating disorders and trauma, ranging from childhood to adult, physical, emotional, and mental, Eleanor recognizes the significance of physical movement and the role it has played in her healing. For Eleanor, slacklining is a biofeedback tool to help increase mental and physiological awareness, a mirror that can consistently reflect areas of imbalance. She truly believes in this practice as a healing modality and is eager to find ways to bring slacklining, yoga, and alternative embodied practices to as many communities as possible. Eleanor loves working 1-on-1 and with groups, ranging from beginners (never slacklined) to those that practice regularly and often. Her classes offer a blend of yoga, dance, breath work, and imagery and aim to maintain a space of openness, fluidity, and presence.

Also, check out some of her slack poetry!

"Slacklining is a portal to my soul. Thank you for helping me in my building self-love and living an embodied life." 

Barbara is a North Bay artist and designer dedicated to working with all things creative. Her main focus is Illustrations, Paintings and Graphic Design. Barbara's work ranges from surreal pen and ink illustrations and paintings to graphic design which includes logo, menu and business card design. In addition to her love of art, Barbara also found love in the slacklining world and is excited to be a part of this wonderful community. Slacklining has really helped her mind and body stay balanced when recent traumatic events made it feel unstable and almost impossible to stay centered.  This practice has taught her to be more playful and enabled her to remain centered in all aspects of the word.  Always be true to yourself, your emotions, stay positive and live happy!

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Barbara McCall
 Co-founder & Creative Director

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Michael McCall,
Slackline Teacher
Audio Engineer and Musician


Michael's discovery of Yoga took place around ten years ago as a young teenager. Over the years, his curiosity of meditation, philosophy & psychology grew as did his passion for wellness & wisdom. About four years ago, through a great friend he discovered his love for slacklining. As time moved forward the boundless connection between his body & self unfolded through this mindfulness practice. As a result of many traumas in his younger years along with being a heavy asthmatic, disembodiment became a norm for Michael's awareness until this discovery. Slacklining & Yoga forever changed his life path and inspired his aim to share it’s fruits, its challenges, it’s reflections & it’s rewards with our communities and our cultures.  Michael is super stoked to share and teach slacklining and it’s connection with Yoga.

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