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Run by the Dead

August 27th 2020

Run by the Dead” - COVID dream

I’m at this location with Barbara, Catherine, and my mom and a few other people but I can’t make out their faces. It’s a big house but we’re in the living room hanging out. I forget what we are doing. Bear (my ex boyfriend) comes by at one point to pick up his wallet or something. JB (his brother) is driving; Bear is teaching him how to reverse a stick shift. He comes up to me, gets his wallet, gives me a hug, and leaves.

After some time I realize that it’s 3:30pm and we have to leave to visit Jack and Dede (extended family) who are staying at this facility nearby. No one else wants to go and visit them, in fact, they are ok if we miss visiting hour, which ends at 4:30pm. I decide it's a good idea to go and my reasoning is that it’s not that far away in terms of distance - so, Matthew and I decide to go.

We get in the car and start to drive. I’m trying to look at my GPS but I have no cell service. I know I’ve been here on this road before however I still for some reason really want the GPS.

We get to a stop light and I tell Matthew to go left. I’m starting to remember how to get there (the place we are visiting Jack at). We stop along the way at a gas station and a local resident confirms that our directions are correct.

We finally arrive at our destination, about 15 minutes later. I can’t remember parking the car, I just realize that we are now standing outside of this large building that has glass windows and a carousel door made of glass, one that you can see your own reflection in. The glass is really dark and the door is bigger than any door I’ve ever seen. To the right of the door is some guy that is checking people in. He does this by scanning your eyes, which makes me feel weird. Some people are hesitant to go into the moving doors. I notice one lady standing there; she’s really scared and starts to walk away - I notice that she is wearing red and also has a cane. Although she seems fearful, she turns around and goes inside.

There’s another lady there and I quickly notice that she doesn’t have a reflection. She’s wearing a purple top. Mandy is with me now and we go in together.

There are a few people behind a large tower or bar type structure, almost like a high top bar that you can sit at. As I enter the room I notice to my right there is a long corridor. The walls are dark wood and the place is dimly lit. I notice the lights are dark yellow lanterns, some on the wall like a sconce and others hanging from the ceiling. The whole vibe of the place feels ancient. The corridor is wide and there are doors on each side, small doors, almost like dog doors. A woman comes up to me and asks me who I am there to see. I tell her we are here to see Jack and she she goes to check with someone. There are also a lot of sick people everywhere, looking like they are dying. Mandy points out someone with vampire fangs. I recall the woman with no reflection and realize this place we are in is run by vampires. They scanned out eyes when we came in, which is like getting bit in order to be turned.

Mandy and I do the sign of the cross and say a ‘Hail Mary’ and ‘Glory Be’ to protect ourselves.

I hear one of the sick people saying “But I got tested for COVID-19, I don’t know what it could be.” There is a guy laying on a gurney practically dead, but he will be reborn as a vampire.

I start to look around down the long, wide hallway. I notice again the doors on each side, small like dog doors that swing in and out. They aren’t labelled but I know which one Jack is behind.

I enter into the door by ducking down and walking through the door. I enter into a small room with low ceilings, so low I have to crouch down. There is another room right in front of me but there’s a low wall, like a divider, however I can see over it into the other room.

The room I’m currently in though is covered with drawn pictures, as if a child is living there.

I peek over the wall and I can see Jack. He’s crouching down in the corner of the room.

I talk to him and tell him we want to visit with him but he’s not interested in coming out to see us. He seems upset. I leave the room and go tell Mandy that I found Jack.

This is where the dream ends.


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